Quality Control and Certification

Through its quality policy, ARGATLAS invests in continuous improvement. This revolves around three major requirements:

  • Customer responsiveness: an innovative range of conventional or organic raw materials taken from the natural resources of Morocco. ARGATLAS has made a promise to never test on animals and to only produce argan oil that is harvested from fair trade cooperatives.

  • Good manufacturing practices: at its production site, ARGATLAS measure and ensure the quality of its products. A copy of the physical and chemical analysis report, performed by an independent laboratory, will be provided for export control with each shipment.

  • Organization: at every step of the supply chain, ARGATLAS closely monitors each process and procedure. Our oils are systematically analyzed, from production to exportation. Each Argan kernel can be traced back to the tree’s it was dropped from.

Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, ARGATLAS is organic certified by Ecocert and offers organic argan oil according to National Organic Program (USDA) standards and European Organic Regulation (EC) N° 889/2008.